“I want the world to look a little bit more beautiful.”



Having spent the past two decades working as a fashion stylist, interior designer and art-director for an international retail company, Fedde decided in 2013 to make a bold career change to focus exclusively on painting.


The work Fedde produces is big, refreshing and abstract. It’s very characteristic with large and coarse movement forms and intense explosions of color. His paintings are bold and intriguing.

Inspired by his surroundings, Fedde sources stimuli from all that lives and moves: fashion, interior design, nature, culture, travelling and meeting people. Energy and vibrations also inspire his non-figurative work.

Each of his pieces are unique in size and color. He continuously adapts and adds new elements and influences, creating a unique and exciting work. He works with different tools like glass, knives and other objects with varying textures, making use of what is readily on hand ‘I never paint with brushes’.

As an artist, Fedde sets out to move and affect his viewers.

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